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Hi, how are you coping? I go between being frustrated and sad about all the things and people we are missing, to feeling super happy that I get to spend so much time at home with my family. This is certainly a challenge that none of us were expecting, isn't it? 

Whatever your work situation, if you are a parent you will undoubtedly be spending a lot more time at home with your children right now, which is not always easy (believe me, I know!)

Thankfully, there are so many resources being shared online to help to entertain our children and keep them learning, active, and most importantly, happy. I thought I would pull some of these together in one place, in case this is useful to anyone. This list is by no means exhaustive as there is sooo much, but if you have found anything else really useful, please share it in the comments so we can all check it out. 

  • Twinkl Home Learning Hub - wow there are so many useful educational resources here for children of all ages. This is definitely the resource I have used the most!
  • BBC Bitesize - really useful videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes, sorted by level and subject.
  • Oxford Owl for Home - free resources for Primary age including phonics, spelling and maths activities. 
  • Audible - huge collection of stories (across 6 languages) available to listen to or stream on your devices for free during library and school closures. 
  • BookTrust Books and Reading - authors reading their stories and offering tips, advice and story starters for creative writing at home, plus drawing guides by illustrators, online books, games, quizzes and recipes to have a go at.
  • has loads of games for practicing maths. 
  • Crafts Magazine: free access to all the digital edition of the Craft Magazine, spanning from today all the way back to the 1970s. Tips and creative inspirations also provided
  • Red Ted Art: easy arts and crafts for younger children. Doing art with the girls is the thing I find the hardest. If we don't have a bit of a plan it just descends into chaos and more mess than I ever plan for! There are some lovely ideas on here.  
  • The Artful Parent - has more creative ideas of things to do.
  • Mystery Science - an American site that has released a set of science lessons that we can use. These are great as they last a bit longer than a lot of the activities I have found!  
  • - in case you missed it, Chester Zoo have been holding virtual tours of the zoo. You can watch on their facebook page or you tube channel. My daughter has loved it so far! 
  • - this site has some great geography games. They are too hard for me though so good luck!
  • - your children (or you) can even learn another language for free with this site. 
  • - this site contains films about various history topics that your child might find interesting.
  • - with Scratch, children can learn to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations, and also view and play what others have created. This might be tricky for some, but there are tutorials available on the site.  
  • NHS wellbeing support - This is a crucial one. A mood assessment quiz and mental wellbeing audio guides created by the NHS, with advice for adults as well as children.

On top of all of this I am working on putting together a photography challenge for children which will teach them some of the basics, and give them a weekly theme to experiment with, so watch this space!  

I hope this helps a bit. Let me know what you think in the comments and please do add your ideas for keeping the children entertained! 

Take care and stay safe,




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My Personal Branding session with Kat Luckock of Share Impact I didn't think it would be possible to love any other kind of photography as much as I love photographing families, and particularly children. Because I do absolutely LOVE capturing children being their wonderful little selves! This has been my passion for over 10 years now, and I will never tire of the dimples, the baby curls, the belly laughs and the games of hide and seek!  

So when I decided to explore other areas of photography and broaden my offering, it was more of a practical decision than a passionate one. I wanted to find opportunities for more mid-week working, reach a broader audience, and possibly tap into business budgets rather than personal, as I know times are tough for everyone right now!

But the truth is, I am loving personal branding photography just as much as my family work! I hadn't anticipated how good it would feel to be helping people to feel confident in the way that they present themselves to their audience. I am meeting amazing people and getting the opportunity to chat with them about their outlook and their approach. I am learning so much, both professionally and personally. Plus adults tend to run off less often so I have less chasing to do! 

I recently had an initial personal branding session with Kat Luckock. Kat is founder of Share Impact and a business coach for Social Entrepreneurs. She has set up her own social enterprise in the past and uses her experience to help others to measure and communicate their social impact. I found it fascinating chatting to Kat about this field, and her vision of seeing a thriving social enterprise sector. I enjoyed the process of considering how we could best reflect her values and goals in her images. As I mentioned, this was an initial session, as Kat wanted to give more thought to exactly what she needed from her images, where she wanted to use them, and what she wanted to wear, so we will be meeting again in the Spring to get more images. This has shown me that the planning for a session like this is as crucial as the session itself, if not more so, and that each session will vary vastly for each individual. These sessions are not just about getting a couple of nice headshots, they are about helping your target audience get to know you, and begin to build a connection with you. I will offer support in the run up to my personal branding sessions. I will help you with everything from choosing the right kind of outfits, locations, and colours to best represent you and your brand, to considering any appropriate props to be included. But most importantly, I will help you to consider what you want to get out of the session, who you are hoping to reach and what you need the images to say about you.

So, in this session, we started off inside, at the place where Kat does much of her work (which happens to be her sisters house - what a good idea to borrow someone else's house while it is empty and get away from all of the demands and distractions of working in your own home!). It isn't easy to relax in front of the camera, I am very aware of that. So we took some time to get the know one another and, whilst we were chatting, we tried out different angles and 'poses' (I use this in the loosest sense of the word as I am not about posing people. My style will always be relaxed and informal). Kat quickly became more used to me snapping away while we chatted, and we captured some lovely shots of her 'at work'.      

However, my favourite images from our session are from when we ventured outside. The environment and nature are very important to Kat, and so, of course, we wanted to reflect this in her branding images. We also wanted to show a more playful side to ensure that Kat's audience know she is approachable and friendly, and feel able to relate to her. So we had some fun playing in the leaves and generally messing around! Kat's personality really began to shine through at this point and I love the resulting images!  

I am joining Kat again next week, at a social entrepreneurs retreat that she has organised, so that I can capture some images of her at work. I can't wait! I know I will be inspired by her vision all over again, and it will be a pleasure to meet the other social entrepreneurs there too! 

If you are involved in Social Enterprise and would like to find out more about Kat and the support that she can offer you, visit or search for Kat Luckock on facebook.

If you would like to arrange your own personal branding session then give me a call on 07900272912 and we can have a chat about your requirements.

Have a great week! 

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Family portrait session at Ewloe Castle Just looking at the glorious sunshine in these photographs cheers me up. It was a beautiful day last summer when I met up with Louise and her gorgeous boys Aaron and Aidan. They hadn't been to Ewloe Castle before, but it was the perfect place for them to have some fun and do plenty of exploring! I may have had to photoshop some mud from the boys' beige jeans in a few of the images, but it was absolutely worth it. Taking pictures of children climbing, paddling, running and genuinely enjoying themselves is my absolute favourite thing to do! I think their little dog enjoyed it too.


If you would like to capture some natural portraits of your family having fun like this, then please get in touch on 07900272912 or

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Autumn portrait session with three sets of cousins at Ewloe Castle in Wepre Woods I can't believe this was well over a year ago now - I'm very behind with my blog so I've going to do my best to catch up! This session brought three sets of cousins together for a woodland walk and some family portraits, with a present for their grandmother in mind. I hope she was pleased to see all of her gorgeous grandchildren brought together. What a lovely family! 

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Autumn woodland sibling portrait session at Flint Castle, in the early evening sunlight In contrast to the other portrait session that I took at this location the same weekend, the lighting was very different. The early evening sun was so strong and golden, which worked beautifully to enhance the autumn colours. This made for some gorgeous portraits of this adorable brother and sister.

I have been lucky enough to photograph Freya and Finlay before, but they are really growing up now, so they had a lot more input into their shoot this time. Freya is a budding fashionista, and came prepared with more outfits than any of my previous portrait subjects to date! It was great fun to capture her different sides! Finlay had given less thought to the session, but he certainly had plenty of ideas, and his ease in front of the camera is certainly going to help with his youtube passion! Definitely stars of the future these two!

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Prize family portrait session at Flint Castle It's always a bit daunting running a competition to give away a portrait session, because you have no idea who might win and what their expectations might be. I could not have dreamed of more perfect winners than Linda and her family though. Linda was so pleased to have won the photoshoot, and when I met her four children I was blown away by how lovely they all are, not to mention so beautiful looking! Every one of them could make a great living as a child model I am sure! Linda even dressed them in exactly the kind of outfits that work so well in natural portrait sessions like mine (the textures of jumpers, jeans, hats and boots look so great against the natural settings that I love to work in). 

We met up at Flint Castle on a crisp autumn morning, and had great fun playing in the leaves and exploring the castle. I loved the soft light on this day, and the muted pastel colours that it created. 

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First birthday family portrait session at Wepre Park When Venla's Mum described her family as the 'all weather type', I suspected that this first birthday photo session was going to be great fun, whatever the weather. Then I met Venla and her five year old sister Lilja, and I was sure.

The weather was kind to us anyway, and little Venla kept flashing her gorgeous smile and sticking out her tongue in the sweetest way! Part way through the session, Lilja confessed that she usually puts her hands in her pockets to tickle herself, as she doesn't know how to smile for photographs. She was concerned because she didn't have any pockets in her outfit that day, bless her, so we found other ways to make her smile. Both girls were absolute stars and the relationship between them is so incredibly special.

Families don't come much more adorable than this! 

If you would like to see more portraits have a look at my sample gallery

To book your own portrait session give me a call on 07900272912.  

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Ridgway family portrait session in the grounds of Abbey Gate College, Saighton, Chester I was completely charmed by this lovely family, and by the beautiful location that they chose for their photo session. As a former student, Phillip was able to reminisce about his school days at Abbey Gate College, and we were able to make great use of the beautiful gardens and grand building in our images. I love how personal this makes their portraits. 

It was great to see the boys relax during the session and really enjoy themselves. They were absolutely brilliant and so well behaved! Gorgeous family! 

If you would like to organise a portrait session for your family please give me a call on 07900272912 or email You can see more examples of my work at

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Child portrait session with Harry in Wepre Woods, Flintshire I first photographed Harry when he was four years old, and the images from that session are still some of my favourites! They helped me to shape the direction that I wanted my business to go in. Simple, fun, relaxed portraits in beautiful natural surroundings. Gorgeous.  

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Harry was adorable then, and he is still adorable now! He's such a natural in front of the camera, and is so friendly and relaxed. We went back to Wepre, and had a great time just exploring and chatting, pulling funny faces and giggling!  We also threw in some paddling, football and aeroplane launching for good measure! 

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Ilana's ninth birthday pamper party photoshoot in Chester For the gorgeous Ilana's ninth bithday her Mum had arranged for her and a few friends to have a make over at the Old Port Spa in Chester, and a photoshoot to capture how great they looked, before going for lunch at The White Horse on the Racecourse. The girls looked amazing and I loved that each of them had their own unique style! They were a pleasure to photograph and had plenty of ideas for their shoot (lots of which involved pulling funny faces!)

When we had finished our very serious portraits, Ilana's adorable little sister Alaya joined in and I had to get some snaps of the sisters together too!

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Autumn photoshoot in the Countess of Chester Country Park I have to remind myself of my own advice sometimes and make sure that I capture our own girls. They are growing so fast, and are so full of life (and mischief!). I love the autumn colours and low sun in these images. This was our first time exploring the Countess of Chester Country Park too, which is crazy as it's a 5 minute walk from home. It's really peaceful and will be great for bike/scooter rides. I love exploring with my girls! 

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On location child/family portrait photoshoot at Bodnant Garden I have been photographing Hannah since she was just days old, and when I see how much she changes each time, I am reminded of how quickly our little ones grow up and develop! Earlier this summer, I was delighted that Hannah's Mum and Dad asked me yet again to help them capture her personality as she was there and then (age 2.5). It became clear that some things never change - those gorgeous, huge blue eyes and the extremely high levels of cuteness! 

This time around we went to Bodnant Garden in North Wales. Hannah is very fast and does not stay still for long so I could hardly keep up with her, but that just added to the challenge and the fun! It is a gorgeous location for a shoot and we all had a great time.





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Hannah's first birthday shoot, Autumn in Chester This is one of the many shoots that I should have shared a long time ago but haven't got round to it! What a pleasure it was to photograph Hannah again as she celebrated her first birthday, a year on from our newborn shoot. It was an unexpectedly warm autumn day and we introduced Hannah to the delights of conker collecting for the first time. She couldn't understand why she couldn't eat them though! What a little cutie, the cheekiest smile I have seen in a long time, and those eyes...! 

Just last weekend I photographed little Hannah again - over a year on from these shots, so I'll post those images as soon as I can! 

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Newborn and sibling photoshoot, Flintshire, North Wales Firstly can I apologise to anyone who is interested! I have got so behind with my blog. Life, and specifically motherhood, took over there for a while and I haven't been posting my images! I have a huge pile of images I want to share, but I know that if I try to go back to where I left off and start from there I will never catch up and I really want to be posting my recent images as I complete them. So I am going to start with my most recent newborn shoot, but look out for further posts, where I will look back over some of my photoshoots that I haven't shared yet, as and when I find a spare minute or two! 

This beautiful young man is Toby, who was 11 days old when I went to meet him at his home. He is absolutely adorable and was a pleasure to photograph.

Little Toby has four older brothers who are besotted with him, so we had to get some shots of them together too! What a gorgeous family!

To see more examples of my newborn and family portraits visit and to book please call me on 07900272912, or email

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Delamere Forest shoot with Michael, Madison, Sasha and Ethan  

Tonight I wanted to share some images from my recent shoot in Delamere Forest with four cousins, two sets of brother and sister, all of whom are absolutely adorable! I have photographed these children before, along with the rest of their family as part of their grandparents ruby wedding anniversary celebrations (see previous blog post on The Collins Family), and I was delighted when I was asked to take more portraits of the children by themselves!

We had great fun, managed to keep the sibling arguments to a minimum and collected plenty of sticks and pinecones along the way, much to little Michael's delight!   



To see more examples of my family portraits visit and to book please call me on 07900272912, or email

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Janine and Kevin Wedding party, Flintshire Janine and Kevin held their wedding in Mexico, but carried on the celebrations when they got home, complete with plenty of tequila! I took some photographs at their wedding party at the De Vere Village Hotel Chester St. David's (formerly St. David's Park Hotel). And what a party it was...!


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The Brierley lifestyle family portrait shoot - sneak preview I wanted to share a few of my initial favourites from my shoot on Saturday with The Brierley family. Jen has been my best friend since we were 4 years old, and taking portraits of her and her truly gorgeous family was the best feeling ever! I love this job!


To see more examples of my family portraits visit and to book please call me on 07900272912, or email

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Helen and Badger's Civil Partnership in a Tipi in Cheshire When I met Helen and Badger for the first time and they told me about the plans for their civil partnership celebrations I was so excited! A village hall, a tipi and a summer fete theme sounded like a perfect way to spend their special day, and it wasn't a disappointment! The Papakata tipi was just beautiful, and the humanist ceremony was one of the most personal and touching I have had the pleasure of attending. I was heartened by how much work Helen and Badger's friends and family had put into making the hall, tipi and village green look fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with them all. Such lovely people! Here are some of my favourite shots from the day:


To see other examples of my wedding and family portrait photography please have a look at my website and galleries and  

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The Fletcher Family lifestyle portrait shoot in Wepre Woods Tonight I wanted to share some images from my recent portrait shoot with the lovely Fletcher family. Claire and Michael's girls are growing up fast and they wanted to capture some natural shots of them spending time together as a family. I was more than happy to oblige, so I joined them for a stroll in Wepre Woods, one of my favourite places in our area! 





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Cheshire wedding photography - Rachel and Mark A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favourite hotels, Statham Lodge in Lymm, for the wedding celebration of Rachel and Mark. They were married a month earlier in Canada, but also wanted to bring together their family and friends at home to share in their joy. Their snowflake themed wedding matched the weather in Canada perfectly, but sadly all the UK had to offer that day was a lot of rain. But the atmosphere inside the hotel was warm and cheerful, and a great time was had by all!

As Rachel runs her own wedding stationary business, Pink Sapphire Designs, the details of the day were always going to be magical, and they certainly were. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day:



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Family Portrait session Chester - The Collins Family As a surprise for their Mum and Dad's ruby wedding anniversary, Mr and Mrs Collins' six (adult) children invited me to come along to their family party to take some portraits of them all, and the individual family groups amongst them. The location and weather suited what we wanted to achieve perfectly, and everyone made me feel so welcome, making the whole thing great fun! I can't believe what a lovely family they all are, and how well everyone gets along from the three generations! Almost makes me want to have 6 children (but not quite)! Here are some of my favourite shots from the day. Thank you all for being so co-operative, and most of all, for letting me share your fantastic buffet!

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Newborn photography North West - Hannah Last September I had the pleasure of spending some time with a gorgeous newborn baby called Hannah, along with my camera of course. I took photographs for Hannah's parents on their wedding day in 2009, and was delighted that they asked me to come to their home and photograph their daughter when was she was born 3 years to the day later! Hannah is such a laid back baby with the most incredible blue eyes. Not that I saw much of them, as she did what newborns do best - sleep, sleep, sleep!

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Family Portrait Photography in North Wales - Harry  

At the end of last summer I spent a wonderful afternoon in Wepre Woods with the adorable Harry and his lovely Mum and Dad. Rarely have I come across such a photogenic little boy, so the shoot was easy, although when he fell and grazed his elbow, he took a lot of coaxing to stop holding his poor sore arm in the air! Note to self, pack plasters and antiseptic wipes in future! Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot. 

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Welcome to my blog Thank you for taking a look at my new blog! I am a family portrait and wedding photographer, based in Chester, and covering the North West and North Wales. I have had such a wonderful few months, taking pictures of some amazing children and families, and so I thought I'd start off in the next few posts by sharing some of my favourite images from the photography sessions that I have enjoyed the most. I hope you enjoy looking through the shots as much as I loved taking them...!






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