It's for you if:

  • You have a strong sense of purpose and want to make real positive change, even if that is for one person at a time

  • You find it hard to talk about how valuable your work is

  • You find marketing a distraction from the work your really want to be doing

  • You feel like you aren't reaching enough of the right people

  • You struggle to articulate just how important the work you do is

  • You don't want to let fear hold you back anymore


What we will cover:

What does being Positively You mean?
We will explore: 

  • Why you are perfectly suited to meet your clients needs - digging deep into everything that makes you YOU, embracing your character strengths and drawing on all of your work and life experience. 
  • How you can finally take control of your brand and your visibility in ways that feels aligned with your values

If you think this might be something that you need then let's have a chat. I will be completely honest about whether I think it's right for you! Click the button below and book a free 15 minute call.